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Renee Cox’s statement on her Soul Culture series: For over 30 years my medium has been photography. I realized very soon that using myself, and the human body, was the best way for me to express my artistic aspirations. Identity politics, empowerment, race and women’s issues are the dominant forces that motivate me to create. I like to represent women of status and stature.
Deconstructing stereotypes has been an integral part of my art in order to engage the viewer and challenge their preconceived ideas about gender and race. My goal has often been to produce art that will take people out of their comfort zone and produce healthy discourses. This is when I feel the most joy and fulfilment.
My body of work, Soul Culture, consists of digitally manipulated black & white portraits that display self-similar patterns. They are executed with precision, creating sculptural kaleidoscopes of the human body while exploring the power of symbols as elements of collective imagination. The inspiration for this new work comes from fractals, a mathematical concept centuries old and used by many ancient African cultures.
The work has also been the result of my embrace of the digital world. Bridging the gap between the old and new technology has brought on new challenges and endless possibilities. As the digital world has transformed the medium, I have embraced it and integrated it into my process.
Soul Culture has brought a new viewing experience. The simplicity and connectivity of the fractal concept seem to be engaging the viewer in a profoundly different way, bringing a certain peace, reflection and joy.

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