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Precog Magazine V5

A Visual Odyssey by Jessica Helfand

Archives of American Art Journal: Fall 2019, Volume 58, Number 2

Phaidon published book 2019 feature.

Black Venus 2010: They Called Her "Hottentot" By Deborah Willis ISBN-13: 9781439902059 Temple University Press

Black Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body By Barbara Thompson ISBN-13: 978-0295987712 University of Washington Press

Venice Biennale 1999: Over All - 48th Exposition of International Art, Aperto Harald Szeeman ISBN / ISSN: 882080414X La Biennale di Venezia

Transafricana – Artisti contemporanei Curated by Mart Angela Schroth, Edizione Lai Momo Bologna, 2000

Venus in the Dark: Blackness and Beauty in Popular Culture By Janell Hobson ISBN-10: 041597402X Routledge

Urban Mythologies: The Bronx Represented Since 1960's By Lydia Yee ISBN: 091753526X The Bronx Museum of the Arts

Contact Sheet 91 ISSN: 1064-640X Light Work

Art & identity : the African-American aesthetic at the New School By Lisa Farrington OCLC Number: 54761387 New School University

Comite Colbert/Downtown Arts Project City of Lights: Art Walk NYC

Bizarro World! The Parallel Universes of Comics & Fine Arts Curated by Theo Lotz ASIN: B001U7EE2M Cornell Fine Arts Museum/Rollins College

Legacies: Contemporary Artists Reflect on Slavery By Kathleen Hulser, Lowery Stokes Sims Cynthia R Copeland ASIN: B0037Z2PSU New York Historical Society

Bad Girls By Linda Goode Bryant, Cheryl Dunye, Marcia Tanner, Marcia Tucker New Museum

Blasphemy: Art that Offends By S. Brent Plate Black Dog

Kreyol Factory By Christian Coq ISBN: 9782070396443 Gallimard

Decoded By Jay Z ISBN 1400068924 Spiegel & Grau

Jamaica National Biennal 2006 Exhibition Catalogue

The Sunday Review 10 July 2000 The Independent on Sunday

JULIET photo magazine

The one chosen : images of Christ in recent New York art by Barry X Ball, Regnerus Steensma, Jan Willem Nieboer, James R Blaettler Thomas J. Walsh Art Gallery

The Nude In Contemporary Art By David McCarthy ISBN: 1888332107 The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art

Looking Forward, Looking Black By Jo Anna Isaac ISBN: 0910969035 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Press

Heroinas By Guillermo Solana ISBN-13: 978-8415113027 Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza



The Black Female Body: A Photographic History By Deborah Willis, Carla Williams ISBN-13: 978-1566399289 Temple University Press

The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium By Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal, Sue Scott ISBN-13: 978-3791347592 Prestel USA

International Oil Painting Collection of Olympic Fine Arts 2008 Beijing, China

Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars By Camille Paglia ISBN: 0375424601 Pantheon

Unnatural Wonders: Essays from the Gap Between Art and Life By Arthur C. Danto ISBN-13: 978-0231141154 Columbia University Press

Feminist Art and the Maternal By Andrea Liss ISBN-13: 978-0816646234 Univ Of Minnesota Press

Black Gay Man: Essays By Robert F. Reid-Pharr Samuel R. Delany ISBN-13: 978-0814775035 NYU Press

Renee Cox : American family By Renée Cox, Jo Anna Isaak ISBN: 0944680658 Robert Miller Gallery

Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Fourth Edition) (Vol. 1) By Eric Foner ISBN: 0393922863 Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.

Who More Sci-Fi Than Us?: Contemporary Art from the Caribbean Nancy Hoffmann, Editor ISBN-13: 978-9460222115 KIT Publishers

Pictures from Paradise: A Survey of Contemporary Caribbean Photography By O'Neil Lawrence ISBN-13: 978-9769534476 Robert & Christopher Publishers

Caribbean: Art at the Crossroads of the World Edited by Deborah Cullen and Elvis Fuentes ISBN-13: 978-0300178548 Yale University Press

Splat Boom Pow! The Influence of Cartoons in Contemporary Art By Valerie Cassel, Roger Sabin, Bernard Weldt, Marti Mayo ISBN-13: 978-0936080789 Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston

Venus in the Dark: Blackness and Beauty in Popular Culture By Janell Hobson ISBN-13: 978-0415974028 Routledge

Feminine Persuasion: Art and Essays on Sexuality By Betsy Stirratt, Catherine Johnson (Editors) ISBN-13: 978-0253215895 Indiana University Press

Self/Image: Technology, Representation, and the Contemporary Subject By Amelia Jones ISBN-13: 978-0415345224 Routledge

The Sexual Body: WSQ: Spring / Summer 2007 By Shelly Eversley, Jennifer Morgan (Editors) ISBN-13: 978-1558615519 The Feminist Press at CUNY

Dramatis personae : a look at role-playing and narrative in contemporary photography By Sara Rosenfeld Dassel Photographic Resource Center at Boston University

Wonder women : idols in contemporary art By Suzanne Ramljak Worldwide Number: 402724 Katonah Museum of Art.

Chuck Close: Recent Paintings 2000 By Chuck Close and Richard Shiff ISBN: 1878283952 Pace Wildenstein

Renée Cox & Victor Matthews Exhibition Catalogue Biennale di Venezia, 1999

Double Exposure: African Americans Before and Behind the Camera Exhibition Catalogue The Amistad Center for Art & Culture, Inc.

Undercover Performing And Transforming Black Female Identities Exhibition Catalogue The Spelman College Museum of Fine Art

dART International Magazine Volume 1, Number 1 April May June 1998

FRAMES OF REFERENCE: FROM OBJECT TO SUBJECT Exhibition Catalogue Wesleyan University Center for the Arts

Art & Identity: The African-American Aesthetic at the New School Lisa Farrington New School

Comite Colbert/Downtown Arts Project Exhibition Publication NYC

No doubt: African-American art of the 90's By Maurice Berger Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art

Postcards from black America. Hedendaagse Afrikaans-Amerikaanse Kunst. By Rob Perrée ASIN: B004F03OAO Con Rumore

Postmodern Heretics: Catholic Imagination in Contemporary Art By Eleanor Heartney ISBN-13: 978-1877675508 Midmarch Arts Press

The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology By Donald Preziosi ISBN-13: 978-0199229840 Oxford History of Art

Red. Mutation, Blood and Transfiguration in Contemporary Art By Francesca Miglietti Alfano Electra

Blasphemy: Art That Offends By S. Brent Plate ISBN-13: 978-1904772538 Black Dog Publishing

Libera Mente: La Figurazione del Sentimento By Alice Rubbini, Peter Weiermair ISBN 13: 9788881581719 Charta

2004 BUSAN BIENNALE Busan, South Korea

Curve: The Female Nude Now By Megan Dailey, Jane Harris, Sarah Valdez ISBN-13: 978-0789308719 Universe

Nerve/ The New Nude By Genevieve Field (Editor) ISBN-13: 978-0811831079 Chronicle Books

Encounters: Photography from the Sheldon Museum of Art (American Transnationalism: Perspectives from the Sheldon Museum of Art) Brandon K. Ruud, Editor ISBN-13: 978-0803245181 University of Nebraska Press

Surface Tensions Kenseth Armstead Art Journal , Vol. 57, No. 3 (Autumn, 1998), pp. 4-13 College Art Association

Sanya Osha Transition No. 99 (2008), pp. 80-93 Indiana University Press

Front Matter Women's Studies Quarterly , Vol. 35, No. 1/2, The Sexual Body (Spring - Summer, 2007) The Feminist Press at the City University of New York

Feminist Art Epistemologies: Understanding Feminist Art Peg Brand Hypatia , Vol. 21, No. 3, Feminist Epistemologies of Ignorance (Summer, 2006), pp. 166-189 Wiley, on behalf of Hypatia, Inc.

Reinventing Herself: The Black Female Nude Lisa E. Farrington Woman's Art Journal , Vol. 24, No. 2 (Autumn, 2003 - Winter, 2004), pp. 15-23 Woman's Art Inc.

Black Womanhood: Images, Icons, and Ideologies of the African Body Review by: Cynthia Becker and Cythnia Beckeri African Arts , Vol. 42, No. 3, Ephemeral Arts 1 (Autumn, 2009), pp. 82-84 UCLA James S. Coleman African Studies Center

cover (6).gif

cover (6).gif

A Renaissance Audience Considered: The Nuns at S. Apollonia and Castagno's "Last Supper" Andrée Hayum The Art Bulletin , Vol. 88, No. 2 (Jun., 2006), pp. 243-266 College Art Association

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